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Tramadol oral tablet is a prescription medication used to treat moderate to severe pain. It’s available as a generic drug and as the brand-name drug Ultram



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ULTRAM® (tramadol hydrochloride)

tablets is a centrally acting analgesic.

The chemical
name for tramadol hydrochloride is (±)cis-2-[(dimethylamino)methyl]-1-(3­
methoxyphenyl) cyclohexanol hydrochloride.
The molecular weight of tramadol hydrochloride is 299.8.

Tramadol hydrochloride is a
white, bitter, crystalline and odorless powder.

It is readily soluble in water and ethanol
and has a pKa of 9.41.

The n-octanol/water log partition coefficient (logP) is 1.35 at pH
7. ULTRAM® tablets contain 50 mg

of tramadol hydrochloride and are white in color.
Inactive ingredients in the tablet are

pregelatinized corn starch, modified starch (corn),
hypromellose, lactose, magnesium stearate,

microcrystalline cellulose, polyethylene
glycol, polysorbate 80, sodium starch glycolate,

titanium dioxide and carnauba wax.



ULTRAM® contains tramadol,

a centrally acting synthetic opioid analgesic. Although its
mode of action is not completely

understood, from animal tests, at least two
complementary mechanisms

appear applicable: binding of parent and M1 metabolite to
μ-opioid receptors and weak

inhibition of re-uptake of norepinephrine and serotonin.
Opioid activity is due to both

low affinity binding of the parent compound and higher
affinity binding of the O-demethylated

metabolite M1 to μ-opioid receptors. In animal
models, M1 is up to 6 times more

potent than tramadol in producing analgesia and 200
times more potent in μ-opioid binding.

Tramadol-induced analgesia is only partially.

antagonized by the opiate antagonist

naloxone in several animal tests. The relative
contribution of both tramadol and M1 to

human analgesia is dependent upon the plasma
concentrations of each compound

Tramadol has been shown to inhibit

reuptake of norepinephrine and serotonin in vitro, as
have some other opioid analgesics.

These mechanisms may contribute independently to
the overall analgesic profile of ULTRAM®.

Analgesia in humans begins approximately
within one hour after administration

and reaches a peak in approximately two to three
hours. Tramadol online/
Apart from analgesia, ULTRAM®

administration may produce a constellation of
symptoms (including dizziness,

somnolence, nausea, constipation, sweating and pruritus)
similar to that of other opioids.

In contrast to morphine, tramadol has not been shown to
cause histamine release. At therapeutic doses,

ULTRAM® has no effect on heart rate,
left-ventricular function or cardiac index.

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